What are your preventative maintenance packages

We offer several preventative maintenance packages depending on the type of machine you own. Preventative maintenance provides the two-fold benefit of both extending the longevity of your machine and helping to prevent repairs. If you would like to purchase a preventative maintenance package for your machine alongside your repair, please reply with your selection. The services included with each package are detailed below:

Semi Automatic Package - $50 (save 33% over the normal price of $75 when selected in advance!)

  • Group gasket replacement and comprehensive brew head cleaning
  • Professional backflush cleaning on machines with 3-way solenoid valves
  • Replacement or rebuild of the group valve assembly on a machine without 3-way solenoid valves

Super Automatic Package - $75 (save 25% over the normal price of $100 when selected in advance!)

  • Complete tear down, deep cleaning, and re-lubrication of the brew unit
  • Replacement of brew unit O-rings and seals
  • Professional descaling
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